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Project Management


  • Understand various concepts and techniques necessary for organizing, planning and effectively executing projects 

  • Be able to concepualize a new project 

  • Be able to estimate cost and duration as well as assess progress and outcomes 

  • Be able to conceptualize new projects 

  • Understand estimation of cost and duration 

  • Be able to monitor progress and assess project outcomes 


2 Days

Simulations, Videos, Case Studies, Classroom Lectures (Online) 

Managers in Mid and Senior Management roles    

  • Introduction and Definition of Projects 

  • Design of Projects, Requirements, Objectives and Benefits 

  • Project Planning, Scope Management, Schedule (Time) Management, Resources 

  • Management and Finance (Cost) Management 

  • Project Organization, Leadership and Managing Project Teams 

  • Communication Techniques for Effective People Management 

  • Monitoring & Controlling the Project 

  • Problem Solving Tools and Techniques 

  • Wrap Up 



Proman provides users with the situations and problems that arise in real world projects. The simulation provides an opportunity for users to solve typical project problems, to make mistakes and analyse them.

Manoj Gupta, President & CEO of Project Management Institute (PMI), North India Chapter:

Excellent program for getting introduced to the nuances of project management.