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Counselling is a program that makes the participants understand the critical role of communication in a manager-employee setting. The participant will understand the different stages of counselling and how to navigate through them 


  • Discover the challenges of counselling for performance and ways to overcome them 

  • Understand the key ideas for building resilience in teams 

  • Learn the role emotions play in influencing our behaviour and the behaviour of others 


1 Day 

With 7-10 years of experience (current managers and employees with managerial potential) 

Simulations, Videos, Case Study, Classroom Lecture (Online/ Offline)

Module 1: Introduction to Objective Goal-Setting and Performance Counselling

  1. Understanding the Importance of Clear Goal-Setting and Performance Counselling.
  2. The Role of Managers in Guiding Employee Performance and Development.

Module 2: Goal-Setting Fundamentals

  1. Characteristics of Effective Goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound (SMART).
  2. Aligning Individual Goals with Team and Organisational Objectives.

Module 3: Goal-Setting Process

  1. Defining Long-Term and Short-Term Goals.
  2. Involving Employees in the Goal-Setting Process: Collaboration and Ownership.

Module 4: Providing Constructive Performance Feedback

  1. The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback.
  2. Feedback Techniques: Appreciative, Constructive, and Developmental Feedback.

Module 5: Performance Counselling Skills

  1. Creating a Supportive and Trusting Environment.
  2. Active Listening and Effective Communication in Counselling.

Module 6: Conducting Performance Counselling Sessions

  1. Preparing for Performance Counselling Meetings.
  2. Structuring Counselling Conversations: Agenda, Discussion, Action Plans.

Module 7: Addressing Performance Issues

  1. Identifying Performance Gaps and Challenges.
  2. Strategies for Addressing Underperformance and Developing Improvement Plans.

Module 8: Motivation and Goal Achievement

  1. Connecting Goals to Employee Motivation.
  2. Recognizing and Rewarding Goal Attainment and Performance Improvement.

Module 9: Handling Difficult Conversations

  1. Dealing with Emotional Reactions and Resistance.
  2. Strategies for Navigating Challenging Counselling Situations.

Module 10: Goal Review and Progress Tracking

  1. Regularly Reviewing and Monitoring Goal Progress.
  2. Adjusting Goals as Needed and Celebrating Achievements.

Module 11: Continuous Improvement in Goal-Setting and Performance Counselling

  1. Self-Assessment and Reflection: Identifying Strengths and Areas for Improvement.
  2. Strategies for Ongoing Learning and Skill Development in Goal-Setting and Counselling.

Activities and Learning Methods:

  1. Role-playing and simulation of goal-setting and counselling scenarios.
  2. Group discussions and peer sharing.
  3. Interactive workshops on effective feedback and counselling techniques.
  4. Practice sessions for conducting performance counselling meetings.
  5. Case studies and real-life examples.
  6. Mock goal-setting exercises and feedback simulations.
  7. Reflection and action planning for applying skills.

The training program should emphasize the importance of clear and actionable goal-setting, the role of feedback in employee growth, and the skills required to engage in supportive and effective performance counselling conversations. Participants should leave the program with practical tools and strategies to set goals, provide feedback, and conduct performance counselling sessions that contribute to individual and organisational success.

SIMULATION: Key Performer

  • Key Performer is a branched simulation of counselling session between the participant and a team member 

  • Participant is expected to navigate the conversation in such a manner that the team member stays open to feedback and course correction


Praveen C Bhatt, Daikin India

Performance Counselling with all possible alternatives is very well designed. Looks very practical. I really appreciate it.