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The Leader Effectiveness & Adaptability Profile (LEAP) is designed to measure 6 aspects of leadership behaviour: 

·         Strategic Alignment: Organizations can assess leaders' adaptability to ensure alignment with strategic initiatives and the ability to respond effectively to evolving business landscapes.

·         Change Management: Effective leadership adaptability is crucial for guiding teams and organizations through periods of change, uncertainty, and transformation.

·         Team Performance: Leaders with high adaptability and effective leadership skills contribute to improved team performance, cohesion, and morale.

·         Innovation and Creativity: Leaders who are adaptable and effective can foster a culture of innovation and creativity by embracing new ideas and approaches.

·         Conflict Resolution: Adaptability and effective leadership are essential for resolving conflicts and challenges that arise within teams and across the organization.

·         Cultural Competence: Leaders with high adaptability are better positioned to lead diverse teams and navigate cultural differences within the organization.

CXO Hiring

45 minutes

Senior Management

English+Other Indian Languages on Request

The benefits of having a leader assessed for LEAP during hiring or promotion are manifold. You will be able to find indicative patterns around the following:

1.    Team Dynamics: Leaders who are effective and adaptable contribute to positive team dynamics, open communication, and collaborative problem-solving.

2.    Motivation and Engagement: Effective and adaptable leaders inspire and motivate team members, leading to higher levels of engagement and productivity.

3.    Flexibility: Leaders with strong adaptability can guide teams to adjust to changing circumstances and take advantage of new opportunities.

4.    Conflict Resolution: Effective and adaptable leaders can address conflicts and challenges within the team, fostering a more harmonious work environment.

5.    Learning Culture: Leaders who prioritize their own development and adaptability set an example for team members, promoting a culture of continuous learning and improvement.