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This assessment can help understand user behaviour with others in your organization. Information from this tool can help maximize the impact of actions, identify options for increasing job satisfaction and productivity, and explore alternative ways to achieve goals. The assessment report provides an explanation of the results and suggests ways to develop the skills involved. 

This instrument is a psychological assessment tool that measures an individual's interpersonal needs and behaviors. It is used for various purposes, including individual and team development, communication improvement, conflict resolution, and understanding interpersonal dynamics. Here are some reasons why Interpersonal Skill Assessment is used:

1.    Enhancing Self-Awareness: It helps individuals gain insights into their own interpersonal needs and behaviors. By understanding their preferences for inclusion, control, and affection, individuals can better navigate their interactions with others and make more informed decisions about their relationships.

2.    Improving Communication Skills: It provides a framework for understanding how different people have different needs in interpersonal interactions. This understanding can lead to improved communication skills as individuals learn to adapt their communication style to meet the needs of others.

3.    Team Building: It is often used in team-building workshops to help team members understand each other's interpersonal needs and behaviors. This knowledge can lead to improved collaboration, reduced misunderstandings, and a more harmonious team environment.

4.    Leadership Development: Insights provided can be valuable for leadership development programs. Leaders who understand their own interpersonal needs and behaviors can effectively manage and lead their teams, while also fostering a positive work environment.

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