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Negotiating For Success


Negotiating For Success program is designed for participants to 

  • Appreciate that the prime focus of a negotiator is to achieve a win-win agreement within the framework of organizational requirements 

  • Be aware of styles, approaches, and effective practices that can be used in most negotiation situations 


2 Days 

Managers in Mid and Senior Management roles 

Simulations, Videos, Case Studies, Classroom Lectures (Online) 

  • Introduction:

What is Negotiation? Structure of Negotiation, Criteria for Measuring Successful Negotiators, Key Elements of the Process, Power in Negotiation 

  • Effective Communication A Pre-Requisite:

Paraphrasing, Active Listening, Body Language 

  • Understanding Conflict:

What is Conflict? Causes of Conflict, Conflict Handling- Problems and Implications, Barriers to Conflict Resolution 

  • Role Of Trust:

Trust is a Critical Element in Successful Negotiations 

  • Negotiation Styles & Approaches:

5 Styles of Settlement, 8 Approaches to Succeed 

  • Preparing For Negotiation:

The Planning Process, Positioning in Negotiating, Relationship Mapping to Identify Key Influenc- ers Identifying Leverage Points, Determining a BATNA 


Participants will use simulations of at least 2 hours duration. They will also use simulations depicting real-life transactions. 

Sreelekha, Ambadi Murugappa 

Very good understanding after responding to this game 

Abinash Pattanayak, KSOM 

I got to know a lot of things from this game like how this is going to be used in the corporate world