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Authentic Leadership


AL program is designed for participants to :

  • Appreciate that the prime focus of an authentic leader is the success of the organisation within the construct of social values 

  • Be self-aware, develop openness, as well as promote unbiased decision-making and objective amongst participants 

  • Participants will be able to relate and focus more with organisational goals 

  • Participants will be able to appreciate the importance of authenticity for a Leader 

  • The program will help participants to improve communication with colleagues 


2 Days 

Managers in Mid and Senior Management roles 

Simulations, Videos, Case Study, Classroom Lecture (Online) 

Module 1: Introduction to Authentic Leadership

  1. Defining Authentic Leadership: Understanding the core concepts and principles.
  2. The Importance of Authentic Leadership: Exploring its impact on individuals, teams, and organisations.
  3. Differentiating Authentic Leadership from Other Leadership Styles: Comparing and contrasting with other leadership approaches.

Module 2: Self-Awareness and Values

  1. Self-Discovery: Reflecting on personal values, beliefs, strengths, and areas for growth.
  2. Authenticity and Self-Identity: Exploring the link between authenticity and a strong sense of self.
  3. Values-Based Leadership: Aligning leadership behaviors with personal values.

Module 3: Emotional Intelligence and Authenticity

  1. Emotional Self-Awareness: Developing a deeper understanding of one's emotions and their influence on leadership.
  2. Emotional Regulation: Strategies for managing emotions to maintain authenticity and effective leadership.
  3. Empathy and Interpersonal Relationships: Building authentic connections with others through empathy and understanding.

Module 4: Building Trust and Credibility

  1. Trust-Building Behaviours: Exploring behaviours that foster trust and credibility with team members and stakeholders.
  2. Authentic Communication: Honing transparent and open communication skills to enhance trust.
  3. Accountability and Integrity: Demonstrating consistency between words and actions.

Module 5: Authentic Leadership in Practice

  1. Leading by Example: Modelling authentic behaviours for others to follow.
  2. Ethical Decision-Making: Applying authenticity to navigate complex ethical dilemmas.
  3. Handling Challenges: Strategies for maintaining authenticity in difficult situations and under pressure.

Module 6: Empowerment and Employee Development

  1. Empowering Others: Encouraging autonomy, growth, and empowerment among team members.
  2. Coaching and Mentorship: Using authentic leadership to guide and develop team members.
  3. Creating a Positive Work Environment: Fostering a culture of trust, respect, and collaboration.

Module 7: Adaptability and Resilience

  1. Embracing Change: Using authenticity to navigate change and uncertainty.
  2. Resilience Building: Developing the emotional strength to bounce back from setbacks.
  3. Learning from Failure: Embracing failures as learning opportunities and displaying authenticity throughout challenges.

Module 8: Authentic Leadership in Diverse Contexts

  1. Inclusivity and Diversity: Incorporating authenticity in leading diverse and inclusive teams.
  2. Cultural Sensitivity: Understanding how authenticity can vary across cultural contexts.
  3. Global Leadership: Adapting authentic leadership principles to a global or multicultural setting.

Module 9: Developing an Authentic Leadership Plan

  1. Personal Development Goals: Setting specific goals for further developing authentic leadership skills.
  2. Action Plan: Creating a step-by-step plan to implement authentic leadership principles in daily practice.
  3. Continuous Growth: Strategies for ongoing self-assessment, reflection, and improvement.

Module 10: Authentic Leadership and Organizational Impact

  1. Authentic Leadership's Impact on Organizational Culture: Exploring how authentic leaders shape the culture of their organisations.
  2. Leading Change Authentically: Leveraging authentic leadership to drive positive organisational change.
  3. Authentic Leadership and Sustainable Success: Examining the long-term benefits of authentic leadership for individuals, teams, and organisations.

Activities and Learning Methods:

  • Self-assessment tools for self-awareness.
  • Group discussions and case studies.
  • Role-playing and simulations.
  • Authenticity journaling and reflection exercises.
  • Guest speakers and leadership stories.
  • Interactive workshops and small group activities.
  • Peer feedback and coaching sessions.
  • Action planning and goal setting.

The content outlined above aims to provide a comprehensive and experiential learning journey for participants, helping them develop the skills, mindset, and behaviours associated with authentic leadership. The training program encourages self-reflection, interpersonal connections, and practical application, fostering a strong foundation for authentic leadership practices.

SIMULATION: Let Us Do Business

Kroshna Generiwal, Aditya Birla:

"It was a really very insightful and useful program, very interactive."

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Program was really very insightful and useful program, very interactive.