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Strategic Thinking & Leadership Effectiveness


The key learning objectives of the program are 

  • Appreciate what is strategic thinking 

  • Understand how to structure ambiguity 

  • Shows flexibility in behaviour 

  • Ability to connect dots 


2 Days

Managers in Mid and Senior Management roles 

Simulations, Videos, Case Study, Classroom Lecture (Online)  

What is Strategic Thinking Skills linked to Strategic Thinking 

  • Problem Solving & Decision-making 

  • Critical thinking 

  • Analytical Skill 

  • Creativity 

Improving Strategic Thinking Ability 

  • Developing Strategic Thinking 

-Forecast the future and learn from the past- Understanding trends 

-How to create an informed strategy 

Cultivating A Strategic Mindset 

-Reflect & Plan 

-Uncover Biases 

-Access Quality Information 

-Practice Questioning 

-Think Consequences 

Strategy Planning Frameworks 

  • Strategy Development Frameworks 

  • Strategy Execution Frameworks 

Leadership Effectiveness & Strategic Thinking 

  • Strategic thinking with your team 

  • Measuring success against goals 

  • Strategic thinking as an ongoing process 

Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness Multi-fold 

  • Strategic Thinking 

  • Achievement Orientation 

  • Resilience 

  • Agility 



Biswajit Raha   Daikin India- This is very interesting where I have to respond quickly which actually enables to realize actual patterns which helps to understand myself.

Krishna Ganeriwal Murugappa Group- It was really very insightful and useful program, very interactive.

S. Hari Krishnan TFL Quinn India- Excellent tool, to analyze the usefulness per rupee spent. This is the major challenge as budget is always a limitation in organization. Good feedback for teams as well, to discuss and then come with a plan.