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First Time Manager


A study was conducted by The Ken Blanchard Companies with over 500 new managers, sometime back. It revealed that only 15% received new manager training prior to switching or soon after switching into the role of manager. As a result, at least 49% felt grossly unprepared to succeed. More than half reported receiving less than adequate training in critical areas like goal setting, inter-personal skills and performance counselling. Even after 6 months, nearly 63% of respondents still felt less effective in the new role and after 12 months 50% still felt somewhat ineffective. Make sure your managers are ready…. DON’T LET THEM SINK, IT IS NEVER TOO LATE! 


  • Aligning with expectation 

  • What does a company management expect- from its First-Time Managers (FTM)? 

  • Why is this role critical to the success of a company? 


Frontline Mangers

Simulations, Videos, Case Study, Self-Assessments, Classroom Lecture (Online) 

2 Days 

  • Navigating organizational environment 

  • Design Structure, Functions, Departments, Levels, Roles & Span of Control 

  • Frameworks Policies, Rules & Guidelines Execution Systems, Processes & Procedures 

  • Resources People, Capital, Technology, Material & Time 

  • Reviews Audits & Feedback 

  • Managing the role and responsibilities 

  • Who is a manager? 

  • What does a manager’s role entail? What are the deliverables of a manager? 

  • Becoming 10X more effective 

  • One- Organizational Culture & Value Alignment 

  • Two- Transitioning Seamlessly  

  • Three- Decision Making in Chaos 

  • Four- Objective Goal setting & Reviewing Milestones 

  • Five- Superior Planning & Execution Rigour Six- Supporting Change Initiatives 

  • Seven- Effective Interpersonal Skills & Empa- thy 

  • Eight- Influencing 360 Degrees  

  • Nine- Creating an Innovative Team  

  • Ten- Keeping Team Morale High 



Peggy Burns Lockheed Martin 

Nice format. Easy to navigate. Relatively clear explanations. I have some experience (Training) in P-CMM, so it was particularly a good refresher. 

Rashid Mohammed   Power Finance Corporation 

The simulation gave me a broad exposure to a real-world corporate management case. It was really effective, and the exercise have helped me to structure the thinking process and decision making. 

 Praveen C Bhatt Daikin India 

Communication with all possible alternatives very well designed. Looks like more practical. I really appreciate this simulation. 

 Johnson Mathia Schneider Electrical 

Great, good content & context... it helps us on daily professional & personal life. 

Shaswata Saha IIM Bangalore 

Gave a lovely real-world scenario in a gamified manner.